Speech Pathology

Speech pathology can help you make the most of your communication, as well as enabling safe and enjoyable eating and drinking. Speech pathology may be needed if you have a diagnosis of a neurological condition, intellectual or developmental delay, or hearing impairment.

Our speech pathologists can assist with:

  • technology communication solutions to maximise their communication abilities. This includes the assessment and support needed for implementing assistive or augmentative communication (AAC). We can also submit applications for assistive or augmentative communication equipment to various funding schemes (including NDIS and edical Aids Sibsidy Scheme (MASS)) on your behalf
  • swallowing assessment and management for those who have difficulty eating and drinking (this may include mealtime support plans)
  • communication assessment and intervention for those who have a communication disorder (after suffering a stroke, surgery, or health deterioration for those with life-long disabilities)
  • communication assessments and interventions for individuals with complex sensory and behavioural profiles
  • tailored education and training for carers and support staff.

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