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About Mater Pathology

Mater Pathology operates a highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art pathology laboratory featuring specialist medical, scientific and technical staff. The expertise of our staff means we can offer complete routine and specialised pathology services.

All of our profits are reinvested into advancing treatment options and improving care outcomes for our patients through Health, Education and Research. 

Price List

Our price list outlines the most commonly requested non-Medicare rebateable tests performed by Mater Pathology to provide you and your patients with an assurance of the total costs.

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Medicare Pathology Item Limits

View the latest Medicare Pathology Item Limit guidelines and information.

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Ordering a test

To request a test please complete a Mater Pathology Request Form.

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Ordering supplies

To ensure your practice is fully stocked, we have developed a Stores Ordering Form for your convenience. Please complete a request form and send it with your regular Mater Pathology courier or fax to 07 3163 2122.

Online test results

For Mater Pathology online results go to myResults.

Collection requirement guides

The following reference sites are available to assist you with choosing the correct test, and provide clarity around the collection requirements:

If you have a question please contact our team on 07 3163 7500. You can also visit our online resources to view, print or download information sheets and find further information on our tests.  

Anatomical Pathology
Chemical Pathology
Cytogenetics and Genetic Pathology
Flow Cytology, Serology, Autoimmune & Molecular Microbiology

Our pathologists, scientific and technical staff are highly skilled across a broad range of unique pathology specialities, diagnostic and consultative services so patients can be confident they are receiving exceptional care.‚Äč

Accounts and billing

Mater Pathology does not charge any out of pockets for all Medicare rebateable items. Some Medicare rules, if not met, will trigger a bill for patients. These rules are specific to the test and often require specific statements by you to avoid any out of pocket charges.  

Mater Pathology has significant arrangements with private health insurers to bill directly rather than sending the patient a bill. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions as to insurance providers where this applies.

Should patients receive a bill, it will usually be in relation to a non-Medicare rebateable test requested. You may outline the cost to the patient prior to collection, and our collection staff will provide details to the patient upon collection.  If a patient opts not to progress with the test, you will be notified of that decision.

For any Mater Pathology account enquiries please contact 07 3163 8636 between 8 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Find a collection centre

Mater Pathology has over 40 collection centres located throughout Brisbane and its surrounding communities. 

For patients who have difficulty accessing our collection centres, we have a comprehensive home collection offering.

Additionally, a 24 hour collection service is available for outpatients through Mater Hospital Brisbane Emergency and Mater Private Emergency Care Centre. After 5 pm, patients can visit either of these locations and a phlebotomist will be contacted. We also have laboratories located in Mater Hospital Brisbane, Mater Private Hospital Springfield and St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Northside. 

Warfarin care program

For the convenience of regular referring doctors, Mater Pathology offers a Warfarin care program for your patients. We operate the program from Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 6 pm and can be contacted on 07 3163 8378.

Skin Cancer Surgical Audit

Mater Pathology is pleased to offer a new Skin Cancer Surgical Audit program for GPs and referring clinicians to enhance their understanding of skin cancers suspect lesions, and improve their professional practice and patient outcomes through diagnostic feedback.

Nursing homes

Mater Pathology services a wide range of nursing homes throughout the greater Brisbane area.  

Why choose our aged care service?

  • Our collectors are Certificate III and IV qualified and experienced in all aspects of pathology specimen collection, including adult, geriatric and dementia patients.
  • We can bulk bill patients regardless of their health status or mobility.
  • Our mobile collection team is supported by a friendly and flexible courier service which can be tailored to suit your pathology needs.
  • We operate a highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art pathology laboratory featuring specialist medical, scientific and technical staff experienced across a range of areas including anatomical pathology, chemical pathology, cytology, cytogenetics, genomics, haematology, immunology, microbiology, molecular genetics, serology, pathology testing for clinical trials and research.
  • Results are available electronically or by fax, you have the choice.
  • We will supply you with all of the supplies needed for the collection of pathology specimens.
  • We are the leading not-for-profit pathology provider in Queensland, reinvesting revenue to improve healthcare.

Our team have a convenient, single contact phone number for all of your pathology enquiries—simply phone 07 3163 8500, day or night.


Click here to view a list of resources developed by Mater Pathology specifically for the medical community.

Added Test Service

In order to enhance our added test service, we offer a fax option for ordering tests in addition to those originally requested on the patient's request form. This option offers a time-efficient way of dealing with your patient’s follow-up.

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Rule 3 Exemption

Rule 3 of the Pathology Services Table limits the benefits payable for pathology items during a single patient episode. Exemptions to this rule have been granted for certain specified tests in certain clinical circumstances. The exemption is referred to as ‘Rule 3 Exemption’.

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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 testing available at Mater Pathology

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If you have any questions relating to pathology test ordering please contact the team on 07 3163 8500.