Ieuan Hyde—Chief Strategy Officer

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Ieuan Hyde

Chief Strategy Officer

Ieuan (Ian) commenced at Mater in 2002 as Director of Marketing. He was appointed to the role of Chief Marketing Officer in 2006 and in October 2016 took on the newly established role of Group Director Strategy, Business Development and Marketing.  He was appointed to his current role as Chief Strategy Officer in October 2019.

In his role Ieuan maintains responsibility to lead the award-winning Mater Marketing team to ‘protect and enhance the Mater brand’, to advocate for the consumer and to align this work with the strategic direction of Mater Group.

His team provides strategic and operational marketing and communications support which enables Mater to engage with patients, staff and consumers to ensure Mater’s valuable contribution to the community.

Prior to his appointment at Mater, Ieuan held private and public sector appointments across a diverse range of projects and clients in road safety, finance, property, health, retail and even computer games.

Ieuan believes Mater has the capacity to transition from a destination-based healthcare provider to a community-facing health partner and that the emancipation of health information will play a crucial role in engaging consumers throughout that transition. His vision for Mater is that the organisation plays a prominent role in consumer health advocacy and leads the charge for improved services by consistently challenging the market leader.

As Mater continues to integrate health, education and research, Ieuan and his team will maintain focus on ensuring Mater continues to represent the heritage and Mission and Values of the organisation while pushing forward to meet changing community needs.