Mater commits to a range of standards, policies and programs to give back to our community.

We recognise the important role we have to play in the communities we serve and the opportunity we have to commit significant resources into health, education and research whilst also giving back to our community.

The social benefits of giving back are positive impacts on people, places and communities and include:

  • promoting more diverse and inclusive workforces through the creation of training and employment opportunities
  • addressing unemployment, crime and economic decline
  • ensuring procurement supports diversity in the supply market by generating opportunities for employers such as small and regional businesses, social enterprises and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses
  • considering supplier's corporiate social responsibility policies and practice.

Our Mission and values are our constant guide to make appropriate decisions for a sustainable, socially relevant service that is genuinely committed to the delivery of a healthy community for everyone.  At Mater, we commit to a range of standards, policies and programs to deliver on our Mission.  Examples of these initiatives include:

  • Our Ethical and Sustainable Procurement Policy ensures that price is not the sole factor when making purchasing decisions and financial and non-financial costs and benefits are considered.  This may include quality, fitness for purpose, safety, the potential supplier's relevant experience and performance history, flexibility of the proposal, ethical and environmental sustainability and whole of life costs.
  • Each year a consignment of products, that are no longer of use in Australia, is collected from across Mater and shipped to areas experiencing need across Africa, Kenya, Uganda and the Demoncratic Republic of the Congo.
  • Mater's Pastoral Care team have established a room, known as Catherine's Room—named after Sisters of Mercy Founder Catherine McAuley—to provide basic clothing and toiletries for those who come to hospital unprepared. The supplies are all provided by Mater People or are purchased through donated funds from Mater Foundation.
  • Mater works together with the Refugee Health Network Queensland helping overseas trained doctors who arrive in Australia as refugees find a pathway to practice again in their medical field.
  • Mater Educations' Diploma of Nursing program offers a Scholarship each year to eligible students from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or refugee background, funded by generous donors through Mater Foundation.