Madonna McGahan

Chief of Mission

Madonna is committed to reinforcing and building on Mater’s integration of its Mission and Values across its ministries in Queensland. Delivering compassionate care to people within a dynamic, challenging environment comprising health, education and research, demands creative and innovative approaches and Mater's community continues to demonstrate its readiness and ability to do so.

Before joining Mater, Madonna worked in Canberra in leadership roles with Little Company of Mary Health Care, Catholic Health Australia and the Commonwealth Department of Health.

Prior to completing a business administration degree, Madonna trained as a general nurse and midwife at Mater, and worked as a registered nurse in a rural hospital, a disability service and a residential aged care service in Queensland. She has a master’s degree in arts (theology).

As Chief of Mission, Madonna is responsible for Mission Integration, Clinical Ethics, Pastoral Care, Community Benefit, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison Service, the Cultural Diversity Unit and the Archives and Heritage Centre.