Chris Junge

Chris Junge

General Manager Mater Private Hospital Redland

With three decades working in healthcare, Chris has had a career journey that spans various facets of healthcare. Over these 30 years, both in National and International Healthcare facilities, management skills have been honed over 17 years in various middle and senior management positions.  

Having worked with Mater for 18 months, presently, Chris’ role is as the General Manager at Mater Private Hospital Redland, where the primary focus is on harmonising exceptional patient care with efficient operational strategies.  

Beyond his professional pursuits, Chris’s passions are for leadership development and culture management. Chris firmly believes that nurturing the next generation of healthcare leaders is essential for progress.  

By fostering a positive, collaborative, and growth-oriented culture within healthcare organisations, we can empower both staff and patients to thrive. Every day, blending extensive experience with a passion for leadership and culture management, the aim is to create lasting impacts in the healthcare landscape.  

Chris states that it is a privilege to contribute to the well-being of patients and healthcare professionals alike while shaping the future of healthcare.