Mater 2020 mid-year graduate recruitment timeframes

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are anticipating and experiencing dlays to our timeframes and process.  We ask that applicants please refrain from contacting for an update on applications as we will provide an update as soon as we can.  You can also log into your Mater job profile at any time to check on the status of your application.

We thank you for your patience during this time.

Applications open Monday 17 February 2020
Applications close Sunday 1 March 2020
Video interview commence Thursday 19 March 2020
Video interviews conclude Monday 23 March 2020
Face-to-face interviews commence Monday 11 May 2020
Face-to-face interview conclude Friday 29 May 2020
Verbal offers made Friday 26 June 2020
Graduates commence Monday 10 August 2020







Our Program

Do you want to be part of an amazing network of hospitals, with access to a world-class medical research institute and clinical simulation and education facilities?

Mater's Graduate Programs for Registered Nurses and Midwives are designed to assist graduates with the transition from study into nursing.  The programs allow Mater's graduates to work within a supportive learning environment to provide exceptional care to patients. 

We offer a range of programs for newly qualified nurses and midwives working across Mater's hospitals at South Brisbane, Redland and Springfield. 

Our programs offer the opportunity for you to learn on the job in a hospital as you transition from academic learning to professional practice.  Each of our programs run for 12 months and cater for those who have already identified their nursing speciality and those who are wanting more experience in a range of clinical areas before deciding on a speciality.

We offer a range of options because your career is yours to decide.

Our graduates

As a Mater Graduate Nurse or Midwife you will be provided with all the tools you need to build a rewarding and enriching professional career. You will learn from the best and be a part of a world-class organisation. If you are passionate about caring for others, you will come together with like-minded people who will help you to progress and achieve your goals. We don't see you as graduates, but as the leaders of the future.

Our program

Program information  - Full details of our Graduate Programs 
Please note that Registered Midwifery positions are only offered at the beginning of each year and are not available for mid-year intakes.  Neonatal positions are also not offered as part of the 2020 mid-year program.

Please note - this intake is only within our Medical and Surgical areas.
Midwifery, Neonatal, Perioperative and roles at Mater Private Redlands are not currently offered as part of our 2020 mid-year program.

How to apply (updated) - Details on eligibility, how to apply, FAQs and our selection and recruitment process

(Please note the Mater Enrolled Nurse Graduate Program is only open to Mater Education Diploma of Nursing graduates and eligible Mater employees. Details on the EN program will be made available to all eligible students. To find out more about Mater's Diploma Program  click here.)

How to apply

Submit your application via the Mater Careers page

Please ensure you upload your CV and Cover Letter.

Clinical placement reports and references

If you are successful for a face-to-face interview you will be requested to provide:

References should be emailed by your referee to prior to your interivew (where possible) or within 2 weeks after your interview.

Please do not email your references or reports to Mater prior to being requested for an interview.

If you require assistance please contact Mater's Graduate Support Team by emailing