A team committed to your healthcare

The Sisters of Mercy built Mater on a foundation of collaboration and a shared vision to meet unmet community need.  This approach has shaped and defined Mater for more than a century, and continues to inspire Mater People today.

More than 7500 passionate people are employed across Mater and each and every one of them brings a high level of skill, integrity and compassion to their role, which together ensures our patients receive the best possible care. The people who make up Mater hold unique skills and attributes but they have one important thing in common—they have genuine care and compassion for others. 

The culture and values that the Sisters of Mercy instilled many years ago are alive and well today in Mater People.  This is evident every day across our hospitals and they will forever guide our people to deliver exceptional care to our patients.

As we move forward and tackle new challenges, we carry with us our traditional values and a strong sense of identity that has been developed through a very proud history of devotion and generosity.

Heart of Mater

For our staff and volunteers, Mater is more than a place of work; it’s a place where we all can make a lasting impression on patients’ lives. Whether that’s providing a patient quality medical advice or offering them reassurance and comfort while they undergo treatment, Mater People are there for our patients and families in a myriad of ways. 

Meet our Mater People

Mater Volunteers

Mater volunteers contribute their unique skills and life experience across all areas of the organisation including our hospitals and non-clinical departments.

Whether it’s offering companionship and support, a cup of tea or a book, escorting people to their destination or providing administrative support, each volunteer role contributes directly to making sure patients and their families have an exceptional experience at Mater. 

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