Easter reflection

31/Mar/2021     Mater Group

The week before Easter, in the Christian tradition, is known as Holy Week. Just like our own lives, the events of Holy Week were those of extreme highs and lows. Jesus was exalted as a hero, a saviour of the people at the beginning of the week. Just five days later he was dead and all seemed lost. But then the miracle of his resurrection brought hope to his followers and continues to bring hope to our world. 

Jesus led by example his radical message of love: that we are all deserving of love and we are all called to love. 

This week is an opportunity to explore what it means to experience the Risen Christ. The Easter season encourages us to look deep within and ask ourselves how can we make our world a better place? How can we be the risen Christ to others? How do I bring hope to those in my world, even when all seems lost?

At this time when we continue to face uncertainty and anxiety, let us take to heart the words of St Basil the Great: “He who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love”.

Wishing you a happy and holy Easter.

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