Ground-breaking robot hits Queensland’s operating theatres

12/Aug/2020     HealthRobotic Surgery

Queenslanders who require knee replacements can now access innovative new technology using a robotic surgery system.

As a first for Queensland, Mater is pioneering the ROSA® Knee System at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane and Mater Private Hospital Springfield. ROSA is a robotic surgical assistance tool developed by US-based manufacturer Zimmer Biomet, which provides surgeons with enhanced precision before, during and after knee replacement procedures.

Whilst the doctor is still in complete control of the surgery, the ROSA robot provides real-time 3D technology to make a model of a patient’s knee in complete detail, providing accuracy previously unavailable with the human eye.

The ROSA robot is a surgical guidance system that brings a more tailored approach to each patient’s unique anatomy. 

To date, the benefits for our patients are evident from preoperative care and planning, all the way through to surgery, rehabilitation and follow up.  The precision ROSA provides allows our orthopaedic surgeons to tailor each surgery to the specific and unique makeup of their patient’s knee.

With ROSA’s assistance we are able to more accurately plan pathways for patients who present with unusual cases and those with higher risk or more difficult surgeries.

The system also brings greater opportunities for collaboration as it collects all patient models into a globally-secured database which allows surgeons to review information from anywhere in the world.

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