Mater Researcher Kristen Radford promoted to Professor

17/Aug/2021     Mater GroupResearch

Congratulations to Mater Researcher Kristen Radford who has been promoted to Professor.

Professor Radford is an outstanding leader at Mater Research who has demonstrated sustained performance across all aspects of research excellence, leadership and service and a continually rising upward trajectory since her appointment as a postdoc in Oct 2001.

She is internationally recognised as a leader in human dendritic cells and more specifically in the application as new therapeutics for cancer treatment.

Her senior author manuscript in the prestigious journal J Exp Med is one of the most highly cited publications ever produced by Mater Research and the discovery has had substantial impact on the fields of oncology and immunology.

Professor Radford is our Cancer Program Co-Leader at Mater Research and leads the Cancer Immunotherapies Research Group.

She has led important initiatives that have increased research capabilities at Mater Research including more recently the establishment of humanised mouse models.

She is a past winner of the Mater Research Sr Regis Mary Dunne Medal for Outstanding Research Contribution, 2016 Women in Technology Life Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award Finalist and was recently awarded a highly competitive Fulbright Future Scholarship to undertake a sabbatical at the elite Icahn School Medicine, Mt Sinai, New York.

Professor Radford’s passion for translation of basic research to clinical implementation is evident in the high calibre of her work and it’s impacts on improving outcomes for cancer patients.

“This honour this appointment will enable me to contribute substantial and meaningful impacts to research quality, innovation and translation to improve lives of cancer patients,” Kristen said.

“It will also allow me to grow and strengthen my established local, national and global connections across academia, health services and industry and enhance my capacity to attract and support outstanding next generation researchers.”

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