Recognising excellence in food services

20/Dec/2019     Mater Group

Mater Food Services Department has been recognised at the Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare Excellence Awards winning in the categories of leadership, exceptional customer service and named runner up for brightest star.

Manager of Food Services Liam O’Toole along with Food Service Attendants Miriam Zalazar and Nicole Aitcheson were awarded for their exceptional skills, contribution and dedication to their department.  

Food Services Assistant Miriam Zalazar won the award for Exceptional Customer Service for consistently receiving positive feedback about her customer service and has never scored less than 100 per cent in scripting and hand hygiene audits.

“She is very passionate about providing exceptional care to our patients,” Liam said.

“Miriam pays particular attention to their needs and will go above and beyond to ensure they are comfortable and always treats people with dignity.

“She possesses exceptional qualities of a front line team member who is the face of the organisation and we are all so proud of her.”

Food Service Assistant Nicole Aitcheson came runner up in the category of Brightest Star nominated for her energetic personality, can-do attitude and willingness to try any new ideas to enhance patient care.

“Nicole is respected and admired by not only all her colleagues, but the supervisors and managers. She volunteers to train all new team members and takes incredible pride in her work,” Liam said

Food Services Manager Liam O’Toole won the Leadership Award for fostering an environment conducive to innovative change.

Director Dietetics and Food Services Sally McCray said Liam consistently encouraged the food Services team to strive to exceed patients’ expectations.

“Liam’s leadership style fosters a collaborative approach in all of our department initiatives. Through his work, it is evident that Liam embodies Mater’s core values,” Sally said.  

“Liam is pivotal to the success of Mater’s Food Service department and the team is grateful for his commitment to collaborative management.”

The goal of Food Services has always been to be the best hospital food service in the country, leading our industry through our provision of a high quality, seasonal meal service, delivered with great customer service and patient-centred care.

“One of the main drivers for me working in healthcare is the commitment to delivering high quality, nutritious and contemporary meals to our patients. Everything we do in Food Services puts the patient first and at the centre of our care delivery,” Liam said.

“I try to be a very inclusive manager and love working with, and being around, our staff. We can learn so much from the people we work with on a day-to-day basis.”

The team understand the hospital environment can be difficult for a patient—strange bed, strange environment, they can be unwell and often the only thing they have to look forward to is their meals.

Making sure their food and meal service is the best it can possibly be for not only their comfort but also their health and wellbeing is of utmost importance to the team and they focus on delivering this to every patient at every single meal.

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