Lions Clubs Australia dig deep to make a difference for prostate cancer patients

16/Dec/2020     FoundationHealth

Generous donors, clinical experts and collaborative researchers have come together to make a difference to the lives of the more than 21,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.  

Following a longstanding partnership with Mater, Lions Clubs Australia have generously donated $450,000 to Mater Foundation to purchase the BK3000—a new targeted ultrasound system designed for enhanced precision within prostate cancer biopsy and diagnosis.

The tool will be put in the hands of skilled clinicians across Mater to not only improve diagnosis accuracy but also provide enhanced treatment and care options for men with prostate cancer.

Dr Roger Watson, Director of Urology and Urogynaecology at Mater said survival rates for prostate cancer have seen a dramatic improvement in the past decades highlighting why early diagnosis and intervention is so important.

“Prostate cancer survival rates are now  are now significantly improved from 30 years ago , however the disease still affects 10% of men in Australia and claims eight lives each day,” Dr Watson explained.

“Positive outcomes for those with prostate cancer really depends on early diagnosis and the disease being localised to the prostate. The diagnostic procedure of biopsy alone cannot accurately map all locations of cancer within the prostate which is why combination imaging particularly with ultrasound has become vital in assessing the exact location and extent of the cancer.

“With ultrasound machines like this one, as clinicians, we are able to be incredibly specific and accurate in our diagnosis which in turn enables greater treatment options for patients.”

John Grimstone has been a member of Lions Club Australia for more than 40 years, and leads the The Lions Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment & Support Project, which supports the development of medical services for research and treatment of prostate cancer.

“It is a great honour to know we can make a difference to the outcomes of those facing prostate cancer right across the spectrum of prevention, awareness and treatment,” Mr Grimstone said.

“We know that this donation in particular will go straight into the hands of expert clinicians to make an immediate difference to the men dealing with prostate cancer, as well as save many lives well into the future.”

“Some of us might not be around to reap the benefits of these sorts of advancements, but this donation is really about making a life-changing difference to our sons, grandsons and great grandsons futures.”

Having supported Mater for more than 20 years, Lions Clubs Australia initially supported the Queensland Cord Blood Bank (QCBB) at Mater and most recently, the Mater Prostate Cancer Research laboratory (MMRI).

Thank you, Lions Clubs Australia, for your generosity and helping improve the outcomes for prostate cancer patients through your advocacy and support.

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