14/Dec/2022     Mater Group

The story of Jesus’ birth, that has touched the hearts and spirits of humanity for 2,000 years is a source of joy and inspiration. The power of the Christmas story is that all this began in the simplest way, with the arrival of a baby. 

This was the beginning of a movement that inspired, encouraged and challenged all to be more loving, forgiving, inclusive and aware of those who have the least. It was this movement that inspired Catherine McAuley to dedicate herself to the poor, marginalised, sick and infirmed, the uneducated and exploited.    

When Catherine and her Sisters dedicated themselves to serving their community, they were living the elements of faith, hope and love that are integral to the Christmas story.  Even though the world looks very different now to the time of Jesus and the time of Catherine, the need to gather in these elements is just as important.  

At Mater we are challenged to inspire each other and our community to live the Christmas message every day.  Looking back at 2022, Mater people have continued in this faith, providing our patients with the outstanding healthcare Mater are renowned for. 

With the end of the year fast approaching, it is important to thank you, recognising the hard work you do and the role that you play in the success of Mater.  

This Christmas we say thank you to all at Mater.

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