Professor Nestor appointed Clinical Program Leader of Neurosciences at Mater

11/Feb/2019     HealthNeurosciencesResearch

Cognitive Neurologist Professor Peter Nestor has been appointed to the position of Clinical Program Leader of the Neurosciences and Cognitive Health Program at Mater, joining Associate Professor Paul Dawson who leads the Biomedical arm of this program.

Professor Nestor holds a conjoint appointment with the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) and has a particular interest in understanding the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease (before dementia is established), atypical forms of dementia with a particular focus on primary progressive aphasia and improving differential diagnosis between the major categories of neurodegenerative diseases.

Professor Nestor said that in his new position, his vision is for clinical neurosciences to develop a strong portfolio of research at Mater.

“Clinical neurosciences encompasses a diverse range of sub-specialties and it would be impractical to tackle them all,” Professor Nestor said.

“The aim for the coming years is to develop a group of clinical research programs in which Mater excels nationally and internationally.

“To this end, epilepsy, autoimmune-related neurological diseases and degenerative dementias are areas that are already on track as research programs, and, we shall hopefully develop a couple more in the coming years.”

In his new role as Clinical Program Leader, Professor Nestor looks forward to bringing his experience to help facilitate and encourage high quality research outcomes and strengthening relationships within Mater.

“The role will involve close collaboration with the biomedical arm of the Neuroscience and Cognitive Health Program at Mater Research, led by Associate Professor Paul Dawson,” Professor Nestor said.

“One of our priorities is to foster collaboration between clinical and laboratory-based scientists on the Mater campus.”

Prof Nestor commenced his training at the Alfred and Royal Melbourne Hospital, before finishing at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. From there, he went to Cambridge and completed a fellowship and PhD in Cognitive Neurology, staying on as a consultant neurologist and researcher for 15 years. Following that, he conducted research at the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Disease, before commencing at Mater.

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