From little things big love grows for Mater couples

11/Feb/2022     Mater Group

Love can bloom in the most unexpected places, including an open-place office.

Mater Supply Chain Manager, Anthony Wilson, met his wife, Yolande, at work in 2004 before finally wooing her in 2005.

Collectively, the couple has worked for Mater for more than 35 years.

“We were colleagues and used to sit opposite each other,” he said.

“I eventually plucked up the courage and took her for a drink after work, and rest is history.”

Mr and Mrs Wilson are now married with three children - Bailey, Christian and Keyanna, two of whom were born at Mater Mothers’ Hospital in Brisbane.

Mr Wilson said he never expected to find love in the office, but Yolande’s sense of humour was irresistible. The couple continues to work in the office together and are part of the same team.

“Sometimes the work-life balance can be difficult to navigate. And because we work on the same team, we have a few moments,” he laughed.

The couple plan to go to dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

For Mater Private Hospital Redlands couple, Kim and Ken Henderson, their friendship blossomed into an everlasting romance.

Mrs Henderson, an Administration Support Officer, met her husband, a Theatre Technician, while working at the hospital.

Together for 12 years, Mrs Henderson described Mr Henderson as the “love of her life”.

“We don’t work in the same department, so that makes things easier. We come to work together and go home together,” she said.

In 2010, before Mrs Henderson travelled overseas with her youngest daughter, she asked Mr Henderson to house sit while she was away.

“At the time, I had acquired my middle daughter’s two dogs and Ken said yes to housesitting, which was lucky,” Mrs Henderson said.

“He had a lawnmower business at the time, and when I came home the gardens were just so beautiful. He had done such a marvellous job.”

After that, Mr Henderson would often come over for a visit and a cup of coffee.

“Things just progressed from there,” said Mrs Henderson, who has worked at Mater for 40 years.

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