10,000 volunteer massages at Mater

20/Jan/2020     HealthMater Group

We all know massages can make you feel pampered and relaxed but did you know there are many more benefits to having your hands and feed rubbed?

In 2019 Mater volunteers performed over 10 000 hand and foot massages for patients across Mater, including cancer care, intensive care units (ICU), inpatient wards and rehabilitation.

Volunteer Dale has been performing massages at Mater since September last year and has seen very positive impacts from his work.

“I have been regularly seeing a patient in the ICU whose condition has substantially improved since I began working with them,” Dale said.

“I am now the preferred masseuse for this patient and I enjoy returning back to track their progress and watch them improve.”

Volunteer Coordinator Damita Oldmedow said that for many long-term patients it can be a form of human interaction they have been missing.

“For people staying in hospital, benefits from massages can include relaxation, as well as the touch and social interaction which can help with loneliness and isolation,” she said.

“Patients can become isolated and lonely while they are in hospital for long periods of time. Having a hand or foot massage is a lovely opportunity to also have a chat with someone and take their mind off hospital life.

“Our volunteers do an amazing job with our patients giving them this extra time and attention. It’s a very special service and we would not be able to offer this without their help.”

If you are interested in volunteering at Mater or would like to find out more information you can phone 07 3163 8599 or email volunteers@mater.org.au.

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