Mater installs Brisbane's first 3D robotic surgical microscope

Mater Private Hospital Brisbane has installed Brisbane’s first 3D surgeon-controlled robotic surgical microscope in its theatres adding state-of-the-art optics and providing a leap forward in educating medical students.

The investment in the two ZEISS KINEVO 900 microscopes provides significant advances for surgeons using the equipment with 3D capability, precise navigation, automated positioning and high-resolution imaging.

The microscopes have been installed in the neurosurgery theatres and are being utilised by neurosurgeons to undertake brain, spinal and orthopaedic surgeries.

Mater Neurosurgeon Dr Robert Campbell said he had been using the new microscope for a couple of weeks and it had significant advantages.

“The difference in using the microscopes is difficult to describe compared to a 2D microscope,” Dr Campbell said.

“When you first use the 3D microscope it really is a ‘wow’ moment which is impossible to describe.

“It provides a higher level of optical clarity and stays in fixed focus on a particular area, so that if you navigate away and then return it doesn’t require refocusing each time.  This is a fantastic improvement and helps relieve the mental fatigue of surgeons when undertaking long and complex operations.

“Patients also benefit as it improves surgeon confidence, improves efficiencies in the procedure and translates into quality outcomes for the patient.”

The microscopes also offer significant advantage in teaching medical students.

“It really is a quantum leap forward in learning anatomy when you can see it in 3D as compared to 2D,” Dr Campbell said.

“When paired with the plasma screen monitor, as Mater has done, anyone wearing the 3D glasses can view the operation on the screen in 3D and at high magnification.  It takes us into the virtual reality realm for training surgeons which is incredibly exciting.”

“We are investigating options to take it to the classroom as a next step to translate it to a wider audience to maximise the opportunities available.”


ZEISS KINEVO 900 combines digital and optical visualization modalities, offers a unique Micro-Inspection Tool and Surgeon-Controlled Robotics.  The Surgeon-Controlled Robotics of ZEISS KINEVO 900 enables automated positioning to pre-defined anatomical landmarks based on pre-operative data planning and displays 4K visual clarity.

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