Mater’s seasonal room service Chef’s Specials menu is beating the winter blues and patients love it.

Chef’s Specials rotate on a weekly basis offering additional choices for private and longer stay patients. Mater Private Hospital Brisbane  and Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane patients are offered a gourmet entrée, main and dessert special alongside the current extensive room service menu.

New winter items include hot and sour soup, saganaki, lemon and thyme roast chicken, snapper with lemongrass coconut sauce, apple and rhubarb crumble, brioche and raisin pudding.

Private patients can also ward of the winter blues with a new range of cold pressed juices from 100 per cent fruit and vegetables, made on site and to order. The juice range includes “Flu Blast” - blood orange, mixed berries and lemon, “Winter Nourish” – apple beetroot and ginger, “Immune Boost” – carrot, turmeric and orange and “Super Greens” – spinach, cucumber and apple.

And the menu reviews are glowing!

“The meals and staff have been wonderful and beautiful. Please keep up the good work!”

“To the Chefs, this is the best food in the world. Thank you very much.”

“My meal was absolutely delicious – my compliments to the chef. The staff who deliver the meals are so lovely and helpful. Well done everyone.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and I have been very satisfied with my meals since I have been in hospital. The extensive menu allows all preferences and diets to be met. I have been very impressed. Congratulations to the chefs. Thank you to those who deliver and collect the trays, they are friendly and courteous.

The secret to Foodservice’s success is the sophisticated menu management software which tracks patient menu orders and consumption and monitors menu item popularity. This ensures we continue to meet patient needs and preferences.

Mater began rolling out room service in 2013 and has maintained a high level of patient satisfaction and significant reduction in plate wastage.

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