High Risk Foot Service Clinic opens

02/Mar/2018     HealthMater Hospital Brisbane

Mater Hospital Brisbane has opened a High Risk Foot Service Clinic for diabetic patients with lower limb issues, coordinating vascular, orthopaedic, endocrine, podiatry, wound care and diabetic nursing teams to reduce patient complications.

The coordination of teams into one clinic will reduce the number of clinical appointments patients are required to attend, increase the coordination of appointments and reduce variation of care amongst patients at “high risk” for diabetic foot conditions. These include patients with diabetes that have significant nerve damage, foot deformities and active or healed ulcers.

Vascular Surgeon Dr Daniel Hagley said the Clinic is now a ‘one stop shop’ improving patient care.

“Patients suffering from lower limb complications often have issues which need discussions between lots of specialists and now that’s a quick consultation in person with an instant resolution,” Dr Hagley said.

“The outcome for our patients is that they have less hospital appointments to attend and most importantly faster wound healing which improves their overall health and reduces the risk of ongoing complications,” he said.

Medical Director Medical/Chronic Disease Services Dr Trisha O’Moore-Sullivan said that during the first clinic, there was a real sense of excitement and joy that together the team was doing something good.

“Patient travel and waiting time has been drastically reduced by bringing multiple specialities into one morning rather than spread over weeks,” Dr O’Moore-Sullivan said.

“The patient’s universally loved it – we were able to cancel a few appointments which they were very pleased about,” she said.

The Clinic opened at the beginning of February.

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