Beautiful Moments with Goldie Gibson

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our beautiful baby girl, Goldie Gibson. Her arrival was one filled with suspense, joy, and a whole lot of love – one of many #MaterBeautifulMoments for our happy little family.

Just before marrying in September my now-husband, Hamish and I found out we were expecting our first baby. We were overjoyed! We decided to keep the sex a surprise, but I was sure we would be welcoming a little boy.

My pregnancy was the most wonderful experience. I was heathy, happy and managed to continue my favourite hobbies of yoga and long walks right up until 41 weeks. 

Our baby was due to arrive on 5 April 2019; however, after waiting an extra 14 days we decided to induce labour on Good Friday (Great Friday!), 19 April 2019. I was very hopeful on having a natural labour and thanks to my incredibly supportive husband and mum by my side, as well as the most astounding team of midwives (Harmony and Hannah) and my obstetrician (Kellie), this was all possible.

The moment my obstetrician passed my beautiful daughter through to me I was overwhelmed with emotion. Goldie’s eyes were wide eyed and bushy tailed, looking up at me. She immediately began nuzzling for skin to skin and the breast. I lay her on me as we shared our first moments together in utter disbelief and happiness that I had been gifted a beautiful baby girl! After a few minutes my husband cut the umbilical cord and we both cried tears of joy that our little girl had arrived healthy and safely into the world. Little Goldie weighed 3.6 kilograms and measured 51 centimetres.

Three weeks after my birth I am in total admiration for my birthing team at Mater Mothers Private Brisbane who showed such kindness, motivation and support throughout my entire labour. I cannot sing their praises more highly. Given I had expected a baby boy; it took us four days to finally name our beautiful little girl, Goldie Gibson. 

Our stay as new parents at Mater Mothers Private Brisbane was a truly wonderful experience. The support and kindness of each and every midwife on duty was remarkable. Each midwife took the time to provide advice, assist with breastfeeding and even offering to cuddle and care for our little Goldie when mum and dad needed a couple of hours rest. It takes an extraordinary type of person to so genuinely care for others. These women deserve a medal! 

It’s so wonderful to be back at home with Goldie and introducing her to our extended family. She is the first grandchild on both sides so is naturally being spoilt with love from her grandparents, aunts and uncles. Our days are spent together mostly feeding, snuggling and bonding. My special moments are lying outside on the daybed with her sleeping on my chest.

Life as a new mum is certainly a juggling act, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To celebrate the special times mums have with their families every day, Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane  invites mums to share their everyday 'Beautiful Moments' this Mother's Day by posting their favourite photo or short video on Instagram using the hashtag #materbeautifulmoments.

The Mater Mothers’ team would love to share in the real everyday moments, the firsts and milestones and anything that makes others smile, laugh or even brings a tear to your eye. Happy Mother’s Day.


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