New Mater Cancer Care Centre Redland to welcome more patients

Oncology services in the Redland area will be boosted with the opening of the new Mater Cancer Care Centre Redland.

The dedicated oncology unit at Mater Private Hospital Redland was officially opened by Redland City Council Mayor Karen Williams on Thursday 16 May.

The current private oncology service provides treatment for more than 200 patients a year, across three days per week, and this will expand to five days in the new Mater Cancer Care Centre Redland.

Mater Private Hospital Redland Director of Clinical Services Tracey Hutley said the centre was built to cater for the increased demand for private day oncology services.

“Since the service began in 2013 we have seen significant growth which has allowed us to expand this important service to help more patients within our local community.”

Ms Hutley said the centre meant that patients could be cared for in a specialised facility, instead of being treated in an inpatient ward.

“Patients will greatly benefit from being treated in Mater Cancer Care Centre Redland as it is a purpose built space designed to improve the patient’s experience while undergoing cancer related treatment.”

Mater Cancer Care Centre Redland will also offer patients the option to use a scalp cooling system to lower the potential impact of hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatment.

“We have had some of our patients go to Mater at South Brisbane as they wanted to try scalp cooling and we are very pleased to now offer this service locally,” Ms Hutley said.

Giles Stimson is one local cancer patient who is looking forward to receiving treatment at Mater Cancer Care Centre Redland.

“The space is welcoming and it’s dedicated to cancer patients like me.  The layout has been well thought out and it offers patients the option to have their privacy or open up their area to talk with other patients,” he said.

Giles, who was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in December 2018, is thankful he could receive treatment close to home.

The diagnosis came as a shock to Giles, his wife and two children when a scan for a chest infection picked up tumours in his liver.

“Often tumours in the liver mean it’s a secondary cancer so they investigated further and my specialist found a tumour in my large intestine,” he said. 

“It was an absolute bombshell but what made the knock so much easier was finding out that I could receive treatment at Redland, and not have to travel to Brisbane.

"But I’m also very thankful that I received wonderful treatment and care from the medical team at Mater at South Brisbane.” 

Giles said it was the exceptional care he received at Redland from his specialist and the oncology nursing team, coupled with his positive outlook, that were helping him get through the challenging days.

“Together with the chemotherapy and my healthy eating and positive mindset, I’m hitting this cancer very well.

“I’m positive as I know that I’m in very capable hands and I’m fortunate to have care in this amazing new facility,” he added.

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