International Nurses Day - Carly Hollin

14/May/2021     Health

In 2021, the theme for International Nurses Day is ‘Nurses: A Voice to Lead - A vision for future healthcare’ where we celebrate the important work done by nurses in education, innovation and influencing policy development.

Meet Carly who has worked at Mater Private Hospital Redland since October 2019 in the day case recovery unit and endoscopy services and on International Nurse Day shared with us what being a nurse is all about and why she loves her job.

"I have always believed you don't pick nursing as a career, nursing picks you and I have known I wanted to be a nurse since I was 13 years old. I love being a nurse, I love the patient contact and being there for people when they are most vulnerable, you truly feel like you are able to make a difference,” Carly said.

“I moved to Australia from the United Kingdom eight years ago where I specialised in endoscopy and bowel screening. The screening program for bowel cancer was very different in the United Kingdom as it is over here, so I had to learn the ropes of new systems and processes plus navigate the private and public sector coming from the National Health Service (NHS).”

“Here I work in the day care unit and endoscopy services; I love coming to work and I genuinely love what I do. We are a busy ward and can see up to 60 patients in one day.”

Carly explains while Mater Private Hospital Redland is a smaller hospital it can get very busy but it’s the team that make it a great place to work. 

"I love working at a smaller hospital out here in the Redlands, you get to know your team really well and your regular patients. People often think because the hospital is small that we aren't busy, we are very busy as we work to meet the growing needs of the community,” Carly said.

“There are also many challenges in nursing, people coming in for operations can be very anxious and fearful. You need to know how to deescalate situations quickly and keep patients calm.

“It’s an incredibly rewarding job, you are there to help people and it’s a great feeling when you get to do that. I try to care for people the way I would want myself or my family members to be cared for.”

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