Brisbane Lions families make a play for life

Brisbane Lions partners Emma MacNeill and Emilie Morival-Gaier have taken a mark and kicked a goal their leading men will never be able to beat.

When Mitch Robinson’s wife Emma delivered their third child at Mater Mothers’ Hospital recently, it was Zac Bailey’s partner Emilie – a midwife – who took the handball.

Mitch said the birth of his baby girl, Maali, was incredibly memorable with Emilie assisting soon after she was born.

“Emilie was so lovely – she really helped us both through the whole experience,” Mitch said.

“I had a game on the weekend, but I didn’t end up playing and was able to spend time with Maali and Emma instead.”

Mater Mothers’ Hospital midwife Emilie Morival-Gaier said it was a privilege to be part of such a special experience to welcome another Robinson cub into the world.

“We have taken teamwork to a whole new level,” she said

“Helping Emma after the birth was wonderful and I’m so happy I could be there.”

Mitch said he and Emma, an indigenous artist, chose the name of Maali because it paid tribute to Emma’s heritage.

“Maali means black swan in Aboriginal.

“Emma is very proud of her heritage and it was important for her that our daughter’s name tied back to her roots.

“Emma also spent a number of hours painting Aboriginal art on Maali’s cot before she arrived – it’s beautiful.

“When Maali was born we did a photoshoot with her wrapped in kangaroo skin lying on a carved timber piece of wood created by another Indigenous artist.

“All of that is very meaningful to us.”

Mitch who has his two older children’s faces tattooed on his body is set to get Maali’s face added to the collection next week.

One in five Queensland babies is born at a Mater hospital every year.

“We have more than 500 midwives working at Mater hospitals across Queensland and more than 12 000 babies born at a Mater hospital every year,” Director of Clinical Services Maree Reynolds said.

“Each and every birth is an incredible experience, and it is a privilege to be part of this special time.”

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