Mater Educator awarded Queensland Clinical Educator of the Year

30/Oct/2018     Education

Mater Education’s Director of Clinical Training, Dr Ryan Frazer, has been awarded Queensland Clinical Educator of the Year by the Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils (CPMEC).

The award will be presented to Dr Frazer by the Queensland Prevocational Medical Accreditation (QPMA) at the Australian and New Zealand Prevocational Medical Education Forum in Melbourne in November.

Nominated by some of the junior doctors he works with, Dr Frazer was presented with the award for his significant contribution to the teaching of junior doctors at Mater.

The nomination outlines how Dr Frazer is held in high regard by his colleagues for his dedication, advice and guidance.

“Dr Frazer has made a significant contribution to the teaching of junior doctors at Mater Hospital,” his peers said.

“Dr Frazer is a supportive and understanding director of clinical training. He is always available to help and alleviate concerns, whether it is related to clinical rotations, junior doctors’ wellbeing or career advice.”

“He is also currently involved in initiating a Near to Peer mentorship program that aims to link University of Queensland medical students with current junior residents at the Mater Hospital to provide medical students which a support person as they progress from being a student to being a junior doctor.”

Speaking of the award, Dr Frazer was very humbled to have been nominated, but even more astounded to have won the prize.

“Personally it’s amazing to receive the award and be recognised that what I’m trying to do is making a difference to the junior doctors,” he said.

“It is also a great opportunity to showcase the achievements of Mater and what opportunities we can offer to prospective trainees.”

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