Mercy Day Mission Awards recognise those who embody Mater Values

18/Oct/2018     HealthMater Group

Mater recently celebrated its cultural heritage with the Mercy Day Mission Awards ceremony, presenting two awards to Mater People who embody the Mater Values.

This year’s Mercy Day Mission Award individual winner was announced as Director of Mater Private Emergency Care Centre Dr Steve Costello and the team award was presented to Queensland Lifespan Metabolic Medicine Service.

The Mercy Day Mission Awards are held each year to celebrate Mater’s identity and the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy.  The importance of recognising Mercy can be attributed to the Sisters of Mercy Founder, Catherine McAuley who opened the House of Mercy on Baggot Street, Dublin 191 years ago—the beginning of a Mercy tradition that each Mater Person is privileged to continue.

Dr Costello has been Director of Mater Private Emergency Care Centre for more than 15 years and during that time has provided exemplary care to his patients and dedication to staff.

“Dr Costello is a living example of Mater Values,” one nominator said.

“His commitment exceeds that of any employee I have had the pleasure of working with.  Dr Costello never does anything for self-gain; it is always for the betterment of others and he deserves recognition for his enduring professional relationships with VMOs, administrative staff, clients and patients.”

The Queensland Lifespan Metabolic Medicine Service is a joint service that works across Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and Mater Health. The service manages patients with inborn errors of metabolism throughout their life.  The team is multi-disciplinary and fully committed to each and every patient who attends the clinic in Brisbane and through their outreach clinics across Queensland.

“Consumers are provided with a smooth transition through their life span with the same staff,” the nominator said.

“The team is the first of its kind in Australia to manage patients with inborn errors of metabolism from cradle to grave.  The advantage of the lifespan model is that children, young people and adults are supported through their metabolic journey with a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team.”

Mater’s Group Director of Mission Leadership Madonna McGahan said the Mercy Day Mission awards are an important acknowledgement of Mater People and their commitment to its Mission and Values – Mercy, Dignity, Care, Commitment and Quality.

“Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, had an incredible vision to deliver exceptional care to all people and flowing from the Sisters of Mercy legacy is a Mater tradition to honour our heritage, our identity, and to recognise the contribution of all Mater People in upholding our Mission and Values,” Ms McGahan said.

“The Mercy Awards provide an opportunity for Mater People to reflect on the great work that their colleagues do and acknowledge their contribution to delivering exceptional care to patients.”

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