Shining a light on stuttering

22/Oct/2019     Health

Brisbane landmarks will turn green tonight for International Stuttering Awareness Day as we shine a light on the chronic communication disorder. Stuttering impacts around one per cent of the population and has no cure.

Mater Senior Speech Pathologist Amanda Lyons said stuttering can affect people in many ways and can impact educational and employment opportunities.

“Current research suggests that this complex condition is caused by both genetic and neurological factors,” Lucy said.

Mater Health has a long history of providing treatment to people who stutter, commencing in the late 1970s.

“Our weekly Fluency Skills Group has been running since the early 1980s,” Lucy said.

“Adults and young adults who stutter can attend the Mater-ACU Fluency Clinic, while children who stutter can receive treatment at Mater Health & Wellness Clinic.”

Mater Speech Pathology maintains strong links with the Australian Speak Easy Association.

Tonight in Brisbane the Story Bridge, Victoria Bridge and Reddacliff Place sculptures will light up in green to recognition of the day.

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