Mater midwife says career is her muse for artistic hobby

Mater Mothers' Private Brisbane Clinical Midwife Rachel Cook has taken inspiration from the expectant mothers around her, mixing her career and hobby to line the hospital walls with unique portraits.

Inspired by watching her father paint as she grew up, Ms Cook, a midwife for more than 20 years, has worked at Mater for most of her career and always enjoyed painting as an after-hours hobby until a team member offered her the opportunity to paint something for their ward.

Originally inspired when her friend and colleague, Erin Boyd, shared her pregnancy photos, with permission Ms Cook painted a piece that now hangs in the hallways of the birth suites and is often admired by passers-by and a central conversation piece (pictured below).

Since then, Ms Cook has painted more than 20 pieces of art for the unit, some featuring fellow team members and patients, and feels incredible pride and privilege to be able to make an impact through her work as a midwife and to create art that people enjoy, bringing colour to the halls of the South Brisbane unit.

To see more of Ms Cook’s work, click here.


Pictured (right): Rachel Cook.

Pictured (below): Rachel Cook and Erin Boyd.


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