Providing interpreter services for birthing mothers

02/Sep/2021     Health

For pregnant women the birthing journey is an incredibly important and personal experience, each patient will have their own unique wishes and needs but for women who don't speak the same language as their clinicians they can feel isolated and alone while in hospital.

Mater Hospital has a dedicated team of in-house Interpreters who speak a total of six languages to support patients on their healthcare journey whether they be dropping in for an appointment or seeking long term treatment.

Hazar Am Ali provides interpreter services to Mater's Arabic speaking patients including Hanaa Khyami who had her child at Mater Mothers' Hospital.

"It was wonderful having Hazar with me at all my appointments, she was able to accurately interpret all of the conversations for me plus help have all my questions answered. We were able to build a strong and trusting relationship,” Hanaa said.

"Not only was Hazar able to interpret all the conversations for me but she was able to explain important cultural traditions that I needed for both myself and for my baby.

“I found the hospital staff so accommodating and I am so pleased with the care I received. I love the fact there are in—house interpreters at Mater. Having the same person come with you to all our appointments makes a world of difference.”

Hazar explains she enjoys being able to build a strong relationship with her patients, especially with those who will coming into the hospital over a longer period.

“The pregnancy journey can last years, this includes antenatal appointments, birth suites, time on the ward, follow up appointments with paediatricians and mothers who come back to us to have their second or third babies,” Hazar said.

“Having the same interpreter for their journey makes our mothers feel secure and we find they have better outcomes. By building a good relationship with them we get to know what’s important to them personally and advocate for the care they need.  

“It’s even small actions some staff make which account for so much, for example our food services team ensuring a patient received a Halal meal or a doctor ensuring a patient is covered appropriately before entering a room. It all makes a difference.”  

To find out more please visit the Mater’s Language Services website and interpreters can be organised for patients through clinic bookings or in emergency situations as needed.

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