We recognise that every family is different and every child is unique.

Our team listens and will work with families to develop recommendations and deliver services to bring out the best in your child’s development, participation and independence.

Children's nutrition, swallowing and feeding (0 - 12 years)

Specialised assessment and clinical services to support:

  • Comprehensive assessment including multidisciplinary feeding clinic
  • Fussy eaters
  • Difficulties chewing or swallowing
  • NDIS goal to increase food texture or food variety
  • NDIS goal related to improving participation or reduce sensitivities at meal time
  • Difficulty gaining or managing weight
  • Food allergies or intolerances.
Early childhood assessment and therapy services (0-3 years)

Our team is experienced with assessing children born prematurely or who are at risk of developmental delay or disability.

Our team can deliver a variety of assessment services for babies, toddlers and young children to address concerns with hearing and development.  Mater Health and Wellness specialises in providing therapy intervention for very young children (0-3 years).

  • Hearing assessment services
  • Developmental concerns including: 
    • Motor skills and movement development
    • Fine motor and play development
    • Self-care skills including toileting
    • Language and comprehension development
    • Emotional and social development
    • Sensitivities to sensory information e.g. touch, sound
  • Assessment and tailored report to support early childhood early intervention NDIS access
  • Torticollis and Plagiocephaly
  • Eating and swallowing concerns
How we explain your child’s assessment findings

After your child’s assessment our team may recommend another session to discuss any findings from the assessment and ensure you have an opportunity to ask questions. We will also discuss the benefits of learning more about your child’s strengths, their learning preferences and about your family routines at home and in the community. Collectively this discussion will ensure a Services Support Plan effectively represents how we will work together to achieve your goals. 

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