Pregnancy and postnatal services

While pregnancy, birth and early motherhood are special moments in a woman’s life, it also has a significant physical impact on a woman’s body and her emotional wellbeing.

Our team of dedicated allied health specialists provide support to help you manage your wellbeing through diet and nutrition, exercise, physiotherapy as well as offering counselling services to help new parents adjust to pregnancy and caring for a newborn.

Dietitian preconception and natural fertility support

Our advanced dietician services include preconception nutritional support to optimise fertility. We also provide specialist support to help clients with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Pregnancy services  

  • Physiotherapy services to alleviate:
    • Low and mid back pain, pain in the pubis/SIJ or pelvis or buttocks
    • Abdominal bulging (rectus diastasis)
    • Bladder control problems or constipation/straining
  • Dietitian services to support:
    • Good nutrition during pregnancy
    • Diabetes (type 2) and gestational diabetes management
  • Occupational Therapy services:
    • Hand therapy for wrist and thumb pain related to pregnancy
    • Compression garment prescription for the management of pregnancy related  varicose veins
    • Psychosocial Occupational Therapy support through “first 1000 days” and in transitioning to parenting roles

Postnatal services

Mater Health and Wellness offers a range of services to support mothers and young families including:

  • Physiotherapy services to treat and manage:
    • Pregnancy related discomfort in the pelvis, back and hip
    • Assessment of weak abdominal muscles
    • Pelvic floor dysfunction and prolapse
    • Bladder / bowel control, incontinence and constipation
    • Lactating breast conditions (mastitis and blocked ducts)
    • Exercise advice and support
    • Pregnancy and antenatal education
  • Nutrition and dietetic services to support:
    • Nutrition and optimise fertility
    • Meal planning to meet pregnancy nutrient needs
    • Healthy pregnancy weight gain and postnatal weight loss support
    • Nutrition requirements during breastfeeding
    • Advice to help manage Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
    • Diabetes in pregnancy
  • Occupational Therapy services
    • Hand therapy for wrist and thumb pain persisting post delivery


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