Planning for our future

Mater has been providing hospital and healthcare services to the people of Queensland for more than 100 years and aims to continue delivering world-class care to the community for centuries to come. 

As the needs of the community grow and change over time, Mater must also evolve and transform to ensure it continues to address new and ever-emerging healthcare, research and education requirements. 

To plan for the future, Mater applied to the State Government last year for a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) for its South Brisbane campus (in accordance with Schedule 5 of the Planning Regulation 2017). 

A MID is a long-term planning tool for large scale infrastructure projects. It provides the agility and certainty required to plan for the decades ahead. 

Community Consultation 

Preliminary and secondary community consultation with key stakeholders took place in 2021 and 2023, with Mater submitting its final MID application to the State Government in December 2023.

A final decision from the State Government is expected mid-2024.



First steps

Since Mater opened its first hospital at South Brisbane in 1906, development within the campus has been ad hoc, responding to healthcare needs as they emerged. 

As a long-term planning tool, the MID enables a holistic, coordinated approach to future community needs. 

Mater’s MID application seeks the designation of the following facilities and services on the South Brisbane site: 

  • Education facilities 
  • Emergency service facilities 
  • Hospitals and health care services 
  • Residential care facilities 

The MID application is accompanied by a Plan of Development (POD) which provides a road map for delivering a world-class healthcare, research and education precinct in the future. 

The details of the POD will continue to be shaped by community needs over time but its foundational objectives will remain the same; 

  • To create a vibrant, connected community precinct that delivers world-class healthcare, education and research services within the existing South Brisbane campus footprint. 
  • Enhance the site with pedestrian-friendly green spaces, sustainable practices, mixed-use amenities and connections to community and transport networks. 
  • Celebrate and protect Mater’s cultural and historical heritage. 
  • Streamline clinical and campus experiences for patients and visitors. 


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A timeline of the key milestones is outlined below.   


Stay up to date  

Mater is committed to updating the community on the MID process. 

Watch the MID video here.

You can find our recent community newsletters below: 

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