Hospital fees and charges

Hospital charges can include accommodation, use of theatre, prostheses and essential pharmacy items for your child’s care. Charges can vary depending on their treatment required, length of stay, prosthetics provided, accommodation category and the type of health insurance you hold.

Hospital charges do not include non-hospital or medical provider costs such as your child’s specialist, anaesthetist, pathology and x-ray. Additional charges may also include physiotherapy and the hire of physical aids.

All known hospital costs (other than those covered by contracted insurers) are payable on admission. They may be paid in cash (Australian dollars), by most credit cards, money orders or cheques.

For your convenience, an account estimate will be discussed with you before or at the end of your child’s admission, indicating anticipated out of pocket expenses for hospital charges. It is important to note this is an estimate only.

Listed below are the different forms of cover patients may use when they are admitted to hospital. Please read the one that is applicable to you.

If you have any questions about hospital accounts please contact our staff on telephone 07 3163 2489 or 07 3163 2468 between 8 am and 5 pm weekdays (excluding public holidays).

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