The Rose Café is open weekdays, offering a range of snacks, meals and hot and cold beverages for patients, visitors and staff at an affordable price.

Chapel and Pastoral Care Services

A chapel is available at Mater Private Hospital Bundaberg for all people to access for their own quiet time and reflection. Our pastoral care team is for you holistically, which includes your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing, including:

  • assessing the spiritual needs of our patients, residents and clients
  • providing emotional support to relatives and friends, as well as to our patients, residents and clients
  • ensuring religious needs are met
  • raising awareness of the cultural needs of those in our care; and
  • providing a listening ear and a supportive, reassuring presence, especially for people experiencing illness, the challenges of ageing, and transitions in life.

Pastoral care at Mater supports the entire clinical team in providing holistic care for you, your family and carers. A pastoral care practitioner will seek to visit you during your stay in hospital. You may also request a visit by asking a member of your healthcare team. Pastoral care is offered with sensitivity to your needs and wishes.

Electronic devices

Patients are encouraged to bring their own personal electronic devices to hospital, whether that’s a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.  From any Wi-Fi enabled device, patients and their family can access a free Wi-Fi service while they are at hospital.

Interpreter Service

Effective communication between patients and staff is important. Interpreter services are available and can be organised by the nurse caring for you.


Private pathology services are available at Mater Private Hospital Bundaberg. All accounts will be forwarded directly to you by the individual Pathologist.


Medications for inpatients of  Mater Private Hospital Bundaberg are supplied by the pharmacy. All new medications will be
ordered on your behalf through a community pharmacy.

To ensure your medications are managed safely while in hospital, a pharmacist may review medications that you have been taking at home. Please ensure that you have all your medications with you in their original containers and any current prescriptions. Or, if you take many regular medications, please request a medication list from your local pharmacy and bring this too.

During your stay your specialist doctor may ask you to stop taking your regular medications or prescribe additional medication as part of your treatment plan. For this reason, medications that have been put into a dosette box or Webster pack cannot be used while you are in hospital. New supplies are required to ensure your safety.


Onsite x-ray services are available 24-hours a day. All accounts will be forwarded directly to you by the individual Radiologist.


Mater Private Hospital Bundaberg is a teaching hospital. Nursing and allied health students may be performing practical experience during your hospital stay. If you have any concerns or objection to students participating in your care, please notify the nurse in charge of your ward.