Skin Cancer Surgical Audit

Mater Pathology is pleased to offer a new Skin Cancer Surgical Audit program for GPs and referring clinicians to enhance their understanding of skin cancers suspect lesions, and improve their professional practice and patient outcomes through diagnostic feedback. 

Participants will receive regular reports from Mater Pathology containing statistically relevant feedback about their individual practice, and comparing their results against peer groups and the wider GP cohort.

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How it works

To take part in the program, participants must aim to submit 40 skin samples to Mater Pathology within three months.

  1. Complete the registration details.
  2. Submit your histology requests to Mater Pathology, accompanied by the dedicated Skin Cancer Surgical Audit Request Form* to ensure data is captured and recorded correctly for each specimen.
  3. You'll receive regular reporting, demonstrating your referred patients’ results, compared with broader patient results pool.

* All forms and necessary documentation will be supplied upon successful enrolment


In addition to your patient diagnostic report, you will receive individual reports for benchmarking and reflection. These will include: 

  • Individual tracking report – containing statistically relevant feedback about your own practise, including a diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity table. Outcomes presented in graphs and tables for easy interpretation.  

  • Comparative tracking report – containing a range of data, tables and graphs to enable you to reflect on your own practice in comparison to those of your peer groups and the wider GP cohort.  

Who is it for?

The program is designed for doctors with an interest in skin cancers, however it is open to all clinicians who refer skin samples to Mater Pathology.

Learning outcomes
Program requirements

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More information

For more information, download the program overview or contact Mater Pathology via email or phone 07 3163 8500.