What do I need to do before my test? 
  • Bring your pathology test request form (we accept all pathology request forms).
  • You will be asked about your current medications and doses.  If you prefer you can bring in a list of your medications and give to the Mater Pathology staff taking your collection.
  • Bring your valid Medicare card.
  • Unless advised otherwise, drink plenty of water prior to your test.
  • Some test require specific preparation and collection. If you have been advised to do a special collection test click here for further information.
Do I need to book my appointment? 

For most tests you do not need to book an appointment, however we do require a booked appointment for some tests.  Click here for details on which tests require a booking.

Please contact our team on 07 3163 8500 to book an appointment for the following tests:

  • Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)
  • Urea Breath Test and
  • NIPT

Can I choose Mater Pathology if my doctor gives me another collection provider's form?

Yes, we accept referral forms for any/all pathology providers.

How do I know if you do the test I need? 

Mater Pathology offers a broad range of pathology services and specialised tests including NIPT. 

If you are unsure if we offer the test you require, or want to know more information about how to prepare for your test, please call 07 3163 8500 or contact your local collection centre.

Is there anything I should do post-blood test to avoid bruising?

It is important to look after your collection site to ensure bruising of the area does not occur. We recommend you avoid lifting any weighted objects for 24 hours. If you experience bruising you can apply ice, however you can also contact us if you need further advice.