Visiting a patient at Mater

At Mater we recognise the importance of family and friends being able to visit our patients during their stay to support the health and wellbeing of our patients.

In a time of vulnerability or sickness, we know a visit from a friend or family member can be just what is needed, bringing emotional support, care and healing.

For family members, visits can not only provide patients with a familiar face of comfort during their time of need, but also play an important role in keeping up to date with your loved one’s condition by working in partnership with their healthcare team to ensure the needs of patient is met.

Across our South East Queensland hospitals, visitors are welcome between 8am and 8 pm daily, with a recommended rest period for all patients between 1 pm and 3 pm to ensure patients have adequate sleep and recovery.

For information on visiting a patient in one of our Central and North Queensland facilities, please see the individual hospital pages.

When visiting a patient in hospital, we do ask that you keep noise to a minimum as a courtesy to our other patients and that children under 16 are always accompanied by an adult.

Visitor entry (South Brisbane hospitals) 

In line with current COVID-19 safety guidelines, health screening and entry approval is required for anyone visiting Mater hospitals across our South Brisbane campus. Please review our COVID-19 Update page for the latest information and guides on how to gain entry approval prior to your arrival at hospital.

To make the health screening and entry approval process more efficient for all patients and visitors, we have introduced a digital app at our South Brisbane campus.

The COVID-19 Visitor Entry App allows you to digitally access and complete the screening questionnaire and gain approval for entry. If entry is approved, you may enter until 11.59 pm that same day.

The app is accessible by scanning a QR code using your smart phone. The QR code and clear instructions have been made available at each hospital entrance. Should you wish to gain approval for entry prior to your arrival at our South Brisbane campus, you can access the health screening questionnaire through the app using this link. For any visitors without a smart phone, a manual screening and sign in process will remain at each entry point. 

Visitor entry (All other Mater hospitals) 

For all other Mater hospitals, a manual screening and sign in process will remain at each entry point. We anticipate that this digital access option will be available across our Springfield, Redland, Central Queensland and North Queensland campuses in the coming weeks.