Mater Intellectual Disability and Autism Service (MIDAS)

Mater Intellectual Disability and Autism Service (formerly QCIDD) is a state-wide service which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of adults with intellectual and neurodevelopmental disabilities through clinical practice, education, and research. Our services are designed to assist health practitioners and service providers.

We provide the following clinical services to patients 16 years or older:

  • comprehensive health assessments
  • a mental health assessment service
  • telephone/email consultation services

Comprehensive health assessments

  • designed to provide your regular GP with specialist advice
  • provided by experienced GPs with a special interest in the healthcare of people with intellectual and developmental disability
  • involve a thorough assessment of physical, social and mental health, usually over three one hour appointments
  • comprehensive reports provided to your usual GP, and any other professionals or services required

Mental health assessment service

  • focuses on mental health and behavioural issues, including a thorough review of previous diagnoses and treatments
  • usually involves two or three 45 minute interviews with psychiatrists or senior psychiatry registrars who specialise in intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • a brief report including diagnosis, management and treatment suggestions are provided to your GP, and to other relevant specialists

Telephone/email consultation service

Our telephone and email consultation service is provided through Mater Intellectual Disability and Autism Service’s clinical coordinator (clinical nurse).

Information and confidential advice is provided to family members, GPs and disability and health professionals.

The clinical coordinator can be contacted on 07 3163 2412 or


Our Service

What can we provide?
  • health assessment and review
  • advice regarding your healthcare
  • limited follow up as an outpatient
  • support for primary health services such as your regular GP, and other health practitioners
  • referral and advice to assist you to link with other services and health professionals
  • advocacy in the healthcare system or advice about how to get the best from the health system
  • liaison with key support services
What services cannot be provided? 
  • 24 hour cover or GP care
  • emergency response or crisis intervention
  • inpatient assessment (our doctors do not have admitting rights to hospital)
  • intensive follow-up
  • IQ assessments
  • full functional or behavioural assessments by psychologist
  • ongoing psychiatric care

Patients will need a referral from a GP or health practitioner.

Medical professionals can access referral information via the MIDAS referral webpage

Contact us

For enquiries or to make a booking please contact:

Phone: 07 3163 2412


Mater Intellectual Disability and Autism Service
Level 4, Salmon Building
537 Stanley Street
South Brisbane QLD 4101